Once you have been writing short stories for a bit of whereas, then perhaps you possibly can transfer on to an extended work, but until then, overlook it in the event you please. Unfortunately, having only your mom visiting your blog every day just won't do.

but getting people to go to your blog and read it, comment on it, and bookmark it is another whole story altogether. I even noticed, while browsing the net, a site which claimed that it might tell you how you can write a novel in 14 days.

We all do enjoy being loved by our moms - but we need love from others on the internet too - and to get this love, we need love from our good friend Google. Then click 'Fetch as Googlebot'. Google will find your other pages but it's good to let them know about your key pages. Here you can add the main him page and any other key pages on your site. If you are someone with the type of outstanding talent which might allow you to write a superb novel in simply two weeks, you will not want that nonsense, and if you are not, You'd better social bookmarking sites until you get the knack of organizing your ideas.

Most of us that own blogs have found that having a blog is all fair and well. Social bookmarking is basically where you go to a site and make posts about your favorite sites. You say what you like about the site and then leave a link so that other people can check it out. While you have to be careful with how you use these new social bookmarking sites, they can be very effective if you play your cards right.

Next thing I knew I was on my blog writing a post about editing, and than before I knew it I was on Squidoo making a lens on editing, and one thing lead to another and I found I had a whole article of editing, and thus this article came to be here.

Click 'Diagnostics' in the left column. You can read more information about Splickety Magazine and My Book Therapy by visiting their websites. You can also follow both on Facebook. I believe the over-riding reason why your site is listed at the top of any rankings has to do with the number, the quality and the quantity of sites linking back to your page.

The Self-Publishing Manual by Dan Poynter: The Self-Publishing Manual is the most complete book ever written on the art of starting and maintaining a full time career as a self publisher. The content on the linking page should also be related to your chosen keywords. If you are interested in participating you can find more information here at Splickety Magazine's Lightning Blog including the submission guidelines.

You can pursue the common hobbies. The higher the number of related quality one-way links you have flowing back to your site, the higher it will perform in the rankings. Join the throngs that begin and end the collecting of all sorts of things from trading cards to Hummel figurines. When you are done, you should enter the characters displayed in the If you have any type of questions relating to where and the best ways to use Niche Research, you could contact us at our webpage. Captcha code and click on the Submit button.

The best way to submit your site to Google is not through a submit url but through your webmaster tools. The Captcha code is a security measure to prevent robotic submission. There is beading, calligraphy, playing in fantasy sports leagues, quilting, ham radio, whittling, building models and others that need little description. Or you could take a step outside the conventional box.

When social bookmarking at Yahoo! Your anchor text is very important (underlined part of a link); it must contain your keywords or variations of it. You will notice there is no entry fee, but you will be limited to two entries. This is the best book available for anyone seeking to start their own small press publishing house.

Buzz, you should not submit too many pages otherwise the moderator will ban your account.